Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry, we are here to explain
everything you might want to know.

Why Boxie?

Why is Boxie better than a regular shelf or rack?

A regular shelf or rack falls short to meet the demands of delivery and pickup orders that exist today. They cause confusion to customers having to look through several packets to find the one; many times the wrong packet is picked up or stolen; and other times by the time the packet is picked up the food is not of the quality your customers expect. Not to mention how often your staff will be asked: “Is the order for Joe ready yet?”.

With Boxie customers will have a beautiful screen with their name that tells them if the order is preparing, avoiding any interruptions to your staff and giving the customer a piece of mind the order is in the works. Once the order is ready the Boxie locker will clearly indicate that and notify the customer, making the whole pickup experience one your customers will come to love.

What differentiates Boxie from other locker systems?

Comparing Boxie to other locker systems is in a way like comparing an iPhone to an old flip phone. Boxie is the ultimate smart locker in both design and functionality.

In the front of the house, each Boxie locker has a high definition screen that clearly displays information about the order and status so the customer can quickly identify it.

In the back of the house, each locker unit has a rear display and an “Order Ready button” that makes the flow for the operator as simple as possible. No need to touch any tablets or screens with gloves.


Is Boxie compatible with UberEats, DoorDash, and major delivery apps?

Absolutely! Boxie is compatible with several integration partners that allow you to connect any of your delivery apps to your Boxie system so that orders automatically get assigned to lockers as they come in.

Boxie can also work as an stand-alone system if you prefer entering the order information directly into the Boxie Admin app.


Does Boxie offer heating or cooling options?

This is one of the first questions we always get. We do not offer heating or cooling options, because we think those are not really needed. Here is why: When you have Boxie, customers immediately get notified when the order is preparing and ready, and picking up is a quick and smooth process, so the chances of your orders sitting for a long time (and becoming cold or warm) reduces significantly. For the rare cases where the pickup is delayed, you can enable an option that prevents long sitting orders from being picked up so you give the customer a chance to talk to you before leaving with a bad experience.

With the right data analytics and flow controls, heating and cooling options may become a thing of the past. Imagine also orders that have mixed content (cool items and hot items), you would have to divide the order into separate locker units (one cold, one hot) resulting in more work for the staff and the customer.

What is the difference between backloading and frontloading?

Backloading is when you can place the items from the back of the locker. In this configuration normally the front of the locker faces an area the customers can reach (close to the entrance for example) and the back faces the kitchen or a secondary preparing station. Once the order is ready the operator places it inside the locker unit from behind and the customer picks it up from the front, without needing any interaction between them. If you have the capability for this option, this is what we would recommend to you.

Frontloading is when you place the items from the front of the locker. In this configuration, the back of the locker faces a wall usually, and the front is located in a way that is easy to access by both your staff and the customers. The staff opens the lockers using an NFC card, places the items, and later the customer picks them up using the normal process.


How big are the lockers?

The exterior dimensions of the lockers are 17.5" W x 17" H x 11.75" D, and the interior dimensions are 16" W x 11.75" H x 11.5" D.

How long will it take to set up Boxie?

Our installers can usually have the lockers installed within 1-2 hours, assuming the area is ready for installation.

Does it require an internet connection?

Yes, a stable WiFi connection to the internet is required for the operation of the lockers. For best performance, a 5GHz WiFi router is recommended.

How do you set up new lockers?

Using the Boxie Admin mobile app for iOS and Android you may add or remove devices.

What devices are compatible with the Boxie Admin app?

The Boxie Admin app is compatible with any mobile device running iOS 12 and higher and Android 7 and higher, or any computer with a modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.


How can the staff open the locker?

Authorized staff members can quickly open the locker by passing a contactless card or key fob near the front display. It is also possible to open remotely from anywhere using the Boxie Admin mobile app.

Will I need special training for my staff?

New staff members are typically onboarded in just a few minutes. Almost no training is required to learn Boxie’s intuitive interface. Since placing orders in the locker is as opening the locker with a contactless card or key fob and pressing a physical button.

Can I prevent orders that have been sitting for too long from being picked up?

In the Boxie Admin app, there is a setting that allows you to enable this option and set what time you want to consider for this timer.

What happens if an order doesn’t fit in a locker unit?

This should not happen often as our lockers are spacious enough for the average delivery bag size. But if it happens, we recommend you put these orders on the counter. Via the Boxie Admin app, you can mark this option for an order and the customer will be told to come to talk to the staff in the link.

How do drivers and customers pick up the food from the lockers?

Is a very simple process! When the phone number is available in the order, they get a link that when clicked it opens the locker for them. When the phone number is not available, the customer can scan the QR code on the screen of the locker and answer a basic question about the order and it will open.