Customer Pickup

The simplest pickup experience ever created.

Boxie smart lockers enable seamless retrieval of food orders by both customers and delivery drivers.

Order is preparing

While the order is being prepared, the Boxie locker displays "Preparing" in yellow, and it remains inaccessible to the user during this time to avoid customers from prematurely taking orders that are still missing items.


Order is ready

Once the order is ready for pickup, the locker status changes to “Ready”, the lights turn green, and an SMS message is sent to the user.


Order is picked up

Customers who receive an SMS link can conveniently use their phone to open the locker. Alternatively, for those who choose the touch screen option, a quick ownership verification is required. This can be as simple as answering a question, such as providing the first letter of their last name, the last four digits of their phone number, or the order number.

"It's so convenient!"

- Everyone

Remote Tracking

With Boxie smart lockers, users can conveniently track their order status in real-time using their smartphones. They can either access the provided link sent via SMS or scan the QR code displayed on the locker screen. The system is universally compatible with all smartphones, eliminating the need to install any additional apps for seamless tracking and updates.

Open from the locker

The smart lockers have high-definition displays with excellent touch screens, allowing users to open their lockers effortlessly. Individual screens for each locker enable multiple users to retrieve orders simultaneously, eliminating lines and congestion.

Open from the Phone

When a phone number is provided during the order process, the user will receive an SMS message with real-time updates on the status of their order. The SMS message includes a secure link, enabling the user to conveniently open the Boxie smart locker directly from their phone when the order is ready for retrieval. This streamlined process ensures a secure and hassle-free experience for customers to access their orders with ease.

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